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This book is an invaluable resource for anyone coping with the physical and emotional turmoil of this disease. Test Drive. Request more information. Description The only text to provide both the doctor's and patient's views, this book provides authoritative, practical answers to the most common questions asked by patients and their loved ones. Resources of the Month. Beat Crohn's! Oppenheimer, An easy to read guide to enteral nutrition, an effective dietary treatment for Crohn's disease.

Provides practical tips on implementing the diet and explains how it compares with medications. One chapter focuses on the use of enteral nutrition in children, especially those with growth delays, and another addresses its use in treating fistulas, short bowel syndrome, and other complications of Crohn's.

Includes stories of kids and adults who have tried enteral nutrition. Also evaluates food-exclusion diets and supplements probiotics, fish oil, etc. Hillary Steinhart, M. An informative and easy-to-understand manner, this book gives you guidelines regarding specific foods that might cause problems, as well as delicious and nutritious recipes that can be enjoyed without compromising your condition. With reliable answers to your questions about diet and IBD, you'll learn how managing your diet can hlep give you a sense of well-being when you're living with this unpredictable disease.

The cookbook has over recipes to be used after adhering to the introductory diet outlined in Breaking the Vicious Cycle ; every recipe is grain free, gluten free, sugar free, and lactose free. Coping with Illness. The Write Prescription Judith Hannan, A hands-on-, hearts-on guide to writing about illness. What happens to your business or career once you've experienced a health crisis? For 35 years Lee was eating normal meals, the last 20 she was not able to eat enough to maintain her system, it was just not being absorbed.

Lee was slowly starving to death. The answer for her was to receive most of her nutrition by vein while only tasting food. It is for those who feel that life is too tough to deal with each day. This book is a non-addictive anti-depression answer. Tasting Life is an uplifting story of courage and love with surprising humor in the face of an unbelievable chronic illness.

You will gain strength by just reading her amazing story.

Questions & Answers About Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis: A Lahey Clinic Guide

Jaff, Esq. The author, an attorney and patient advocate, provides general information for patients, doctors, lawyers, family members, and employers on the ways in which various areas of law work in the context of chronic disease. Learn about health and disability insurance, Social Security disability, employment discrimination, family and medical leave, education equity, fair housing act, and more for patients with chronic disease.

The appendices summarize state laws, give sample health and disability appeal letters and sample SSDI application papers. Ingelfinger, M. Practical guide to making treatment with high-dose steroids as effective and trouble-free as possible. It includes "everything your doctor didn't have time to tell you" about Prednisone's side effects and how to deal with them: recipes, exercises, and tips based on personal experience.

Topics include: how glucocorticoids work and why they are used; side effects such as depression, weight gain, and skin changes; diet and nutrition while on prednisone; glucocorticoid treatment in the very young and the very old; withdrawal; and life after steroids. Aims to give clear and concise information about UC, to explain how to reduce the effects of UC on daily life, and to describe the potential of new treatments.

Gives basic information about diagnosis, medications, diet, complications, surgery, ileostomy, etc. Also discusses children with UC, pregnancy and fertility, and probiotics and prebiotics. Just Fine discusses the dichotomy of looking one way while feeling quite another. This topic is explored not only with words, but with original portraits, because the true story of looking one way while feeling quite differently requires both. Sveilich interviewed and photographed over 50 people of all ages and walks of life who live with a wide variety of concealed disorders. She also consulted with numerous medical and mental health professionals to explore the juxtaposition of looking one way while feeling quite another.

Families and Children.

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This new edition has been thoroughly revised with updated scientific evidence. The chapters on medical therapies have been expanded to include robust discussions of emerging biologic medications and forms of nutrition used for treating IBD. A new chapter on complementary and alternative therapies expands on this topic. A New Normal Carly Menker, The book is about Laura, a young girl who battles IBD. This book was written to not only raise awareness but also to provide hope to children battling chronic illnesses, to show that they can do everything other kids can.

Everyone needs to find their own, new normal, and once they do, the possibilities are limitless. I wrote it while undergoing numerous treatments, during which I would ponder how to help other kids in my situation. It would have shown me that, although my life would drastically change, it could actually be for the better. Hommel, PhD; Maria E. Perez, DO, This free handbook is the result of an extensive collaborative effort by healthcare professionals who understand IBD from a pediatric perspective.

100 Questions & Answers About Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

It is a resource for parents and children with IBD of all ages. Contributing authors include pediatricians, a nurse practitioner, social worker, pediatric gastroenterologist, psychologist and dieticians. This tool is intended to help families facing the challenges that may present in the course of pediatric Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis. The book will provide information to help families and children gain greater control of their health while living with IBD. Simon Colwill and Jasmine Ting, His mom is sick.

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How can he help? Hospitals admissions, medications, and on-going monitoring". Simone went looking for a book to teach her children about hospitals AND empower them to help. Supper Jonny is his story. Hold the Cheese Please! Sileo, PhD, Danny is tired of feeling different because he is lactose intolerant. After being teased by a classmate at lunch, Danny reacts by eating ice cream and drinking milk during a class party even though he knows he will have tummy troubles.

With the help of the school nurse, Danny is able to teach others about lactose intolerance. The book contains an introduction to parents, a glossary, a list of non-dairy calcium rich foods and resources for more information.

As Danny says, "When you learn to accept things in your life they seem less scary. Sileo, Ph. Story about a child who tells a new friend that she has Crohn's disease. Lesson is to have a "fighting attitude:" there will be good and bad days; to be hopeful despite adversity; to take an active role in one's own health care; etc. Written to help children struggling with Crohn's find validation for their feelings and learn more about the disease; also can be used with siblings and friends.

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This book provides and illustrated and easy-to-read navigation through the digestive system. It gives an overview of nutrition, anatomy and roles of the different organs throughout the digestive tract. This includes a glossary of terms for reference. Although this does not include disease information on IBD, it offers valuable information on related digestive knowledge. General Information. This updated edition is free guide for patients with short bowel syndrome SBS.

SBS is a disorder that affects people who had large portions of their small intestine surgically removed. The information in the guide can help patients and families understand their gastrointestinal track GI and how to maximize what is left of theirs. There are things that can be done with diet and medications that will help the GI track work more effectively. The guide provides helpful and valuable information. This reassuring, informative guide helps you to actively recognize symptons of Crohn's and Colitis and explains in plain English the procedures doctors use to diagnose the disease.

It outlines how the body is affected and the consequences you'll face if the disease goes untreated. With authority and compassion, it covers how you can control your disease through changes in your diet, and explores the treatment options available, filling you in on the risk and benefits of each. Sands, M. Burrill B. Fred Saibil, a renowned expert on IBD, explains complex medical conditions in plain English, with a straight-forward, easy-to understand style. This new edition contains 7 added tables and drawings to guide you.

Farraye, MD, MSc. This book is packed with important information and is a helpful guide for anyone living with Crohn's disease.

100 Questions & Answers About Crohns Disease And Ulcerative Colitis A Lahey Clinic Guide

The format is well laid out, answering a wide range of questions from common to unique, and is filled with interesting visuals, diagrams and charts. For those seeking a well-presented broad view of the gut, Inside Tract may be just the book. Not specifically focused on IBD, this guide to digestive health covers complementary approaches to a number of digestive diseases.

It includes a questionnaire and evaluation point system for self-help to digestive health. This free guide is for patients with short bowel syndrome SBS. Robynne Chutkan, MD, But what does this groundbreaking resarch really mean for our everyday health?

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Synthesizing the latest findings, Dr. The resulting imbalance makes us vulnerable to a host of autoimmune and chronic health conditions. But, as Dr. Chutkan explains, there are effective lifestyles and diet changes we can make to reverse this damage. Warner, M. Barto, M. Provides answers to common questions asked by patients, family members, and friends, based on scientific information and the authors' experiences treating IBD. Also includes insights about living with IBD from the patient's perspective.

Topics include: how IBD is diagnosed and treated; complications including dysplasia and cancer; when to have surgery and the different types of operations used to treat IBD, diet and nutrition; lifestyle; and reproductive issues and pregnancy. Kane, M. Through the personal stories of patients, you will learn how to prepare for emergencies, flares, treatment failures, surgeries, and all the "what ifs". Kane's patients have taught her that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to IBD treatment. She delivers straight talk that dispels myths on medication and nontraditional treatments, "healthy gut" diets and diets for flares, and cancer prevention.

She'll help you understand what your doctor is telling you about testes and surgery so you can pinpoint your options. Personal Stories. Living 10 steps from death's door takes a toll. Come along with Makeda Armorer-Wade, as she demonstrates her path to living, surviving and thriving.