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How do you think society views this bond in general? Dean observes that when we bond with our pets, we do so knowing that we will inevitably have them in our lives for only a relatively short period of time.

Have you ever had to part from a beloved pet? Do you feel the happiness they bring compensates for the inevitable loss? How did Dean's recounting the loss of Trixie affect you?

By The Dashleys

How is it different? With your own? What anecdotes in the book did you find most intriguing? Most touching? Which of Trixie's qualities do you think was most special? Most unique? Has reading the book changed your thinking about dogs in any way? See All Customer Reviews.

Did you get it?

Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. About the Author. Hometown: Newport Beach, California. Date of Birth: July 9, Place of Birth: Everett, Pennsylvania. Education: B. Reading Group Guide 1. What deeper themes in life are embodied by the story of Trixie and the Koontzes? Show More. Be the first to discover new talent! Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. By clicking on "Submit" you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Email Newsletter. Log In. Toggle navigation MENU. Email Address. The Beagle and the Brain Tumor. Email address:. And does anyone else get the feeling we, or maybe even Mary Louise, will eventually see a clip that betrays his sadistic side? The song in episode 2's final scene when Celeste, um, enjoys watching Perry on video is a cover of "Dreaming My Dreams With You," written by Allen Reynolds and popularized by country Waylon Jennings in One positive aspect of these five women being bound by a nightmare-inducing lie is how far they've come with each other, friendship-wise.

Renata's gone from making a hobby of her feud with Madeline to offering up her own messy brand of support, and it's gratifying character development.

What Happened To The Coffee Shop From Season 1 Of 'Big Little Lies'?

This hushed indie pop cover of Fleetwood Mac's song from Rumours plays as the kids of Monterey carve pumpkins and debate the likelihood of neighborhood gang stabbings so morbid and fun! Thomas's song softly plays when Mary Louise swoops into the pumpkin party unannounced forever prowlin' around, that one. This Donna Summer song, co-produced by superstar electronic music producer Giorgio Moroder , plays as Renata welcomes guests and us to Amabella's disco birthday party.

Before all of the drama kicks off, we get to see everyone's take on a "disco" outfit and marvel at how incredible Zoe Kravitz manages to look in electric blue eye shadow. The Gibbs brothers' song plays during Renata's devastating "it's my picker that's broken" monologue to her husband, Gordon, as they watch their daughter slow dance at her last over-the-top birthday celebration ever. Summer's disco anthem soundtracks yet another squabble between Madeline and Ed, who makes a very solid point about how everything at that party and in their town is for appearances.

Then, Nathan and Ed's escalating series of charged interactions finally escalates into a physical altercation if you'd call pulling down someone's afro wig and some brief slap-fighting an altercation. Also, Bonnie's mom either thinks she has sixth-sense powers or definitely has sixth-sense powers?

Renata really did get s disco-soul ensemble The Trampps to play Amabella's birthday party, because there's nothing eight year olds go crazier for in than old disco?? That said, they sounded great! Al Green's " Jesus Is Waiting ," from his album Call Me , plays at the bar while Jane and Celeste are having another remarkably candid conversation about Perry, aka Jane's rapist and Celeste's late husband.

Healthy-ish, that is; Celeste isn't percent honest, and after Jane leaves she Ambien-and-alchohols her way into a one-night stand with the bartender. This Timmy Thomas cover a callback from the original playing as Mary Louise showed up to the carving party plays over the episode 4 closing credits. This song plays as Madeline and Ed head to their marriage retreat, when Madeline makes an awkward situation worse with her cringeworthy attempt at serenading Ed. Reese Witherspoon proves her acting skills once again here—singing that badly is actually hard , particularly for someone who used her real vocals in Sing and her Oscar-winning role as June Carter Cash in Walk the Line.

Poor, sweet Ziggy! Last season he'd wished Jane would tell him who his father was; now he probably wishes he never found out. It's tough to blame Celeste's twins for coming to their half-brother's honor and beating up the bully who told Ziggy he was a "mistake" and that his father was a rapist. And by the way—how did the bully know about Perry and Jane?

Who is his brother? Who else but Corey and the Monterey women know what happened to Jane?

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The lyrics to Supertramp's "School" have all the subtlety of a punch to the lip as they directly apply to the boys' situation. Ed's "I was the sound choice" monologue is the most depressing Big Little Lies marriage moment since Will the two of them patch things up? And s hould they? The story of Dreamin' Wild is fascinating: The record was made in a home studio their father built for them in an expensive show of support.

Dreamin' Wild would have disappeared into obscurity forever, had it not been randomly discovered by a record collector in a Washington antique shop decades later.

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The fact that so many Big Little Lies scenes involve a main character making dinner says everything about how good it is at capturing the minutiae of family life, making the absurd lives of these wealthy Californians surprisingly relatable sometimes. This scene, in which Ed's listening to "A Change Is Gonna Come" when his concerned-looking daughter Chloe comes up and hugs him, is nearly wordless, yet it says so much.

「Nightcore」→ Big Little Life

Speaking of the absurd lives of these wealthy Californians, Bonnie's "singing for sleep apnea" class is the most amazing thing since Bo Peep the child therapist it's also a real thing , apparently. It looks so fun, and I want in.

The song that Bonnie's class is singing as her father shows up at her place of business to dredge of memories of her childhood abuse so inappropriate is Chicago's "If You Leave Me Now" from their album Chicago X. Is Corey a COP? It did, at times, seem like he was too good to be true but maybe I've just been conditioned to expect the absolute worst of people in Big Little Lies ' Monterey.

When we first met him he was informing Jane that he knew exactly what her rep was with that "you're the Monterey Five" line; within a few episodes he'd insinuated his way into every aspect of her life.

Every Big Little Lies Season 2 Song - Big Little Lies Soundtrack

If Corey is an undercover police officer, his surfing lessons with Corey and hooking up with Jane is ten kinds of wrong. Is it too much to hope he's filing a stolen iPhone report or something? Kentucky rock band My Morning Jacket's "Victory Dance" soundtracks Bonnie's realization that Corey might not be who he seems, intercut with She was hitting on him again , ostensibly to even the score given Madeline's affair with her husband Joseph.

But then we see that Joseph's been watching Madeline and Ed flirt at the bar—is this some creepy game the two of them are playing? This is the song Jane is listening to when she rolls up to Corey's house, confronting him about why Bonnie saw him leaving the police station. Is Corey a cop?