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Changing View on the Classical Stefan Problem. Chemical Engineering in the Netherlands — Chemical Engineering Developments in India. Chemical Engineering at University College London. Loughborough — The Development of a Department. Freshwater, B. Brooks, A. Chemical Engineering at Purdue University.

History of Chemical Engineering at the University of Rochester. Chemical Engineering Education at the University of Kansas — History of ChE at the University of Washington. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction One hundred years ago, in September , Professor Lewis Mills Norton of the Chemistry Department of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology introduced to the curriculum a course on industrial chemical practice. Ten years later, Norton's successor Frank H. While the latter is not necessarily a bad thing in itself, PrisonPlanet goes beyond healthy skepticism to a mind-boggling extreme; you'll soon find that PrisonPlanet takes everything to mind-boggling extremes.

From Lewis M. Norton (M.I.T. 1888) to Present

The bulk of the site is made up of conspiracy-related stories and advertisements hawking the kinds of products valued by keen conspiracy theorists. Jones relies on the paranoia of a dystopian future and promotes it through PrisonPlanet's blog, his radio show, and his online store. The blog features articles that instill fear of vaccination , [] promote conspiracy theories see list below , and support alternative medicine, [] [] because the big bad drug companies want your money and to keep you addicted.

Unlike before, the site does not push white genocide conspiracy theories sans once [] , but the forums are rife with it. Jones can't just give you his theories; he needs lots of money to impart his nuggets of wisdom to you. There are two ways to acquire his poorly-researched, unrealistic, and paranoid delusions: burned DVDs or streamed online. He also sells books which, in a normal bookstore, would be catalogued under fiction.

See a Problem?

The second option requires a subscription to prisonplanet. What a deal! The website had an Alexa ranking in the s, meaning it was a reasonably popular site. Now, it's tanked to about 30, to 40,, circa For example, water purification systems and handguns are not typically advertised on websites aimed at young girls, but would be far more successful if aimed at paranoid survivalists huddling in caves waiting for FEMA to come and steal their precious bodily fluids.

On Thursday August 26, , the following adverts appeared on the front page of Prison Planet: [].

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It's one of his only roles in a non-Alex Jones production, but he still just plays the same ol' lunatic. This is one case where the actor really does fit the character.

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Plus, he gets tazed in the butt by the Thought Police. What's not to love? Jones is a recipient of the James Randi Educational Foundation 's Pigasus Award for his "accomplishments" in promoting political conspiracy theories and quack medical treatments. Jones' apparent solution was to stage a pay-for-view boxing match between himself and O'Reilly, which, if it happens, might be the only time both contestants end up forfeiting because of cardiac issues before the match even begins. Jones took the opportunity to shout and scream numerous conspiracy theory bullet points, and repeatedly mentioned the address of his website.

Towards the end of the interview, Neil sternly said, "You are the worst person I have ever interviewed. Liberty is rising! Freedom will not stop! You will not stop freedom!

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You will not stop the republic! Humanity is awakening! Jones also appeared on Piers Morgan's program on CNN to rant, rave, and carry on on the topic of gun violence, drawing allusions to Hitler , Stalin , and Mao , because they thought a mass removal of guns would happen in America.

He also plugged his petition to deport Piers because of his issues with the Second Amendment and called him "a hatchet man of the New World Order". He was unable to answer a simple question about gun related deaths in the US vs. As a form of admission to defeat in the ensuing "debate", Jones ended the interview by mocking Piers' distinctive speech patterns by speaking in a cheesy, phoney-baloney English accent.

Jones was also responsible for the creation of a truly awful science fiction meme on his show by insisting the joint US-Russia plan to place Syria 's chemical weapons under international control was, in fact, part of a cunning plan to kill off the human race and replace it with cyborgs. In December , Alex Jones announced he would be boycotting the NFL because of its decision to ban a commercial submitted by a rifle manufacturer at the Super Bowl.

Infowars has a German website which translates some English articles into German, and has an article archive tracing back until As of , Infowars, as well as Breitbart and other right-wing news websites, are reportedly under FBI investigation for a possible role in colluding with Russia to influence the U. In late April , Alex Jones seems to have pulled a Rush Limbaugh and lost custody of his children According to his lawyer, Jones was just acting as a character on Infowars, but during the trial, Jones stated unsolicited and apropos to nothing in the trail that George Soros was personally behind making marijuana more potent.

Jones was also repeatedly reprimanded by the judge for making obvious gestures and facial expressions directed toward the opposing council and jury. His pathological narcissism is such that he sabotaged his own legal team by openly undermining his own defense's claims that he is not as crazy in real life as he is on his show.

In the more bizarre news, Alex Jones was hounded by a neo-Nazi website, The Daily Stormer, for allegedly having a Jewish wife and not being anti-semitic enough. The Alex Avalanche is a particular debating style common to Jones; in fact, it's the only rhetorical technique he ever employs. The Avalanche is similar to the Gish Gallop , wherein the interviewee completely dominates the discussion, not allowing the interviewer, or any other panel members, an opportunity to interject and add their own thoughts or opinions. The Alex Avalanche is the Gish Gallop on meth , as it involves screaming, wild gesticulations, crying, loud grunting, flop sweat and generally throwing a tantrum befitting Jones' overdeveloped-baby-like appearance.

The phrase was coined following Jones' antics during his appearance on the BBC 's Sunday Politics , where he ranted non-stop about the Bilderberg Group and how they were behind the implementation of the Euro , which was somehow originally a Nazi plot. In response to the lawsuit against Jones by parents of the Sandy Hook massacre as well as accusations of Jones using hate speech, several media platforms barred or greatly restricted his presence, including Facebook , Apple , YouTube, and Spotify Stitcher.

That does not end well". Although Jones claims that he's being censored , [] he apparently ignored or forgot to read the terms of service that appear on his own Infowars website:.

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Surprisingly, Jones has managed to get a number of high-profile guests on his show and, not so surprisingly, a lot of high-profile nutters , including:. Fighting pseudoscience isn't free. Jump to: navigation , search. And 33 is pi. I will not let you down. See the main article on this topic: New World Order. And they are slaved out.

And lotta times when they hit 25 years old, they — y'know, 10, men have had sex with 'em, they've had 30, 40 abortions , they've been used up in ways that are so hellish you can't even imagine, [slaps table] they just walk 'em right out, shoot 'em in the back of the head, and throw 'em in a vat of acid. See the main article on this topic: Shill. I ain't no ho! I ain't no ho, I ain't no bitch! See the main article on this topic: Fake news. Just imagine info rmation, and someone at war with it.

The article was written to sell you a product. You're reading an ad. Speaking of advertising , InfoWars is one of the worst offenders. They pretend to be the arbiters of some supposed truth, while Alex Jones bloviates every week about some supposed government takeover that he keeps promising will happen year after year. They're coming for your: guns, property, liberty.

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They're always coming, but never here. It is not censorship if you violate the rules and your post is deleted. Mike Adams the Health Ranger. Vox Day [] Mark Dice , Conservative Christian conspiracy theorist and activist, has been a frequent guest on the show over the past eight years.

Luke Rudkowski [] Immortal Technique [] , rap musician who preaches roughly the same theories Jones does, only from a left-wing perspective. Gad Saad, evolutionary behavioural psychologist [] I'm on a drug called Charlie Sheen.

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He also happens to be, sad but true, a friend of Alex Jones and they are truly a perfect odd couple. John Trudell, [] [] a Native American activist, poet, occasional actor and musician. In a nutshell he's the bizarro version of Alex Jones in regards to sanity, truthfulness, common sense , grasp on reality and body weight.

Including referring to "Dr. Group" as an authority for promoting and selling supplements. Group is actually Edward F.

Alex E. Cause No. Prison Planet. Reuters, 17 April The New York Times , 17 April Bingo, Mr. Thompson Prison Planet. Feb 16, InfoWars YouTube. Edward F. Sunday, May 26, The Atlantean Conspiracy. Jul 29, InfoWars. Obama trying to start race war July 7, InfoWars. Things get complex and expensive when viewed through a racist lens January 21, Infowars.

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