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The draft National Water Reuse Action Plan highlights key actions that support consideration and implementation of water reuse across the water sector. Biwater Inc. A Columbia Engineering team led by Ngai Yin Yip, assistant professor of earth and environmental engineering, claims to have developed a radically different desalination approach hypersaline brines, called: temperature swing solvent extraction TSSE.

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Laura Paltrinieri and co-workers developed a method to prepare functional membranes based on covalent incorporation of a functionalised monomer. Returning to the membrane industry 'feels like a very comfortable transition', says Lanxess new business development hire John Williams The nanotubes act as a microscopic framework to support the graphene and increase its structural integrity.

The result was a centimeter-sized mesh with a honeycomb appearance, and when tested as a membrane in a filtration system it rejected percent of the salt from saltwater.

Called temperature swing solvent extraction TSSE , the method works as follows: a solvent whose water solubility varies with temperature is added to saltwater, and at room temperature the solvent draws in water molecules but not salt. The solvent and its newly-absorbed water is then drawn off and heated.

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The heat causes the solvent to separate from the water, which can then be collected, salt-free. We can eliminate the pollution problems from these brines and create cleaner, more useable water for our planet. In the study, the method was shown to remove up to And since it requires far less heat than thermal distillation, TSSE could be cheaper to scale, perhaps using industrial waste heat or low-concentration solar collectors. Solar-thermal power holds promise for smaller-scale desalination, including portable and off-grid systems. A study published this week in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that using nanoparticles to focus sunlight onto a photothermally active membrane increased the flow of distilled water by more than 50 percent.

Inching Towards Abundant Water: New Progress in Desalination Tech

Concentrating light on a small spot on the membrane results in a linear increase in heat, but the heating produces a nonlinear increase in vapor pressure, which forces more purified steam through the membrane in less time. Even once the technology becomes more energy-efficient and affordable, there will still be environmental impacts to consider; the waste product from desalination, a concentrated mix of salts and chemicals, is mostly dumped back into the ocean, where it can harm marine life and increase the toxicity of coastal waters.

Despite these drawbacks, progress in desalination will continue to inch forward.

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The result is that the concentrated solution part is minimized in favor of the fresh water, which increases in quantity.

In this infographic, we show you how the reverse osmosis desalination process works, from the moment the salt water is taken from the sea, to the obtention of potable freshwater ready for use and consumption:. ACCIONA undertakes the management of end-to-end services which involve all the stages involved in water treatment: readying it for human consumption, supplying it to the population, then cleaning up urban and industrial waste water. The company also takes care of invoicing end users. Please, confirm your subscription on the email we have sent you and your registration will be completed.

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Desalination of Water

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