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Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 4. The first part of the book is aimed at consultants and developers who are new to Microsoft Dynamics AX but have backgrounds in business application development using traditional languages, frameworks, and tools. It describes the architecture and development environment and explains key application frameworks that developers need for their customization, extension, and integration projects.

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The second part of the book is a reference guide for developers who work with Microsoft Dynamics AX deployments, with information on developing new functionality and supporting users. It covers more complex development concepts such as advanced forms and reports, reflection over the application metadata, performance, upgrades, migration, and setup. This is the first book written by the Microsoft product group architects and the first to take developers deep inside Microsoft Dynamics AX.

You'll learn how out-of-the-box Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4. Authored by two leading Microsoft Dynamics implementers, this book systematically explains how the system Microsoft Office for iPad Step by Step. This is This is learning made easy.

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Covers What, How, and Where to Watch TV for Less Millions of people are cutting the cord on old-fashioned cable TV plans, and choosing more modern, efficient, and cost-effective ways to watch their favorite programming and movies. My TV for My Windows 8 Computer for Seniors. Cloud-based instances of Dynamics are regularly updated. Service updates, which introduce new features, are rolled out every three months.

Update rollups, which address any bugs or issues within the app, are released more frequently, typically every eight weeks. Update rollups are implemented automatically for cloud customers. Cloud users have the choice of whether or not to accept these updates and can test them in their development sandbox instance to ensure compatibility before implementing them. This little-and-often approach means users are always at the forefront of any new developments with the software and negates the need for time-consuming installations of new product versions.

Users of Dynamics in the cloud receive updates sooner, and more often, than on-premise users; in fact, many features and updates included in the cloud version are never extended to on-premise.

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If users need to integrate their Dynamics system with any other programs or services or want to find a way to add extra functionality not native to the solution, there's AppSource. AppSource is Microsoft's online store for third-party bolt-ons and integrations. Microsoft cloud service users can visit AppSource to purchase apps that help their software do more. If users want to connect MailChimp to Dynamics , for example, add maps, enable speech-to-text functions, there's an app for that.

There are currently over apps and add-ons available to Dynamics users, with more added every day. These apps can be added to Dynamics in an instant, with no coding or customization necessary. With AppSource, Dynamics cloud users have almost limitless opportunity to modify and extend the functionality of their solution, without having to involve developers or ISVs. The Common Data Service for Apps is a back-end platform that allows users to quickly integrate programs, build new custom applications, and create automated workflows.

It does this by providing a secure, centralized, repository for data management templates, which allow data from any source can be used by other applications. The CDS for Apps provides a digital space in which data from previously disparate applications can be stored and standardized, meaning information can be unified across a number of programs.

It's this service which allows apps to "communicate" and share information, even if those apps record and process data differently, removing incompatibility issues and breaking down silos. The CDS makes it easier for developers to set up new tools, and administrators and so-called citizen developers without coding experience can use it to create workflows and integrations without the need for custom development. Though it goes a long way to making integration simpler, the CDS is not a replacement for xRM development platform.

It certainly doesn't render CRM developers obsolete, rather it frees them up from building the same integrations repeatedly, allowing them to focus on developing and upgrading more high-level, sophisticated integrations that the CDS can't process. The Common Data Service for Analytics is a new service that aims to help businesses gather, digest, and utilize the data that they generate and manage every day. The service will make it easier for organizations to derive insights from data found across their apps and other sources, giving them a centralized, comprehensive picture of their business to analyze.

Like the CDS for Apps, the CDS for Analytics will provide users with a connective pool of standardized data pulled from multiple sources to draw on, and allow Power BI to more easily connect to and share data with third-party apps. These analytical solutions will be set up to read and report on these standardized batches of data to provide comprehensive and consistent analysis. Power BI Sales Insights, for example, will amalgamate sales data and offer coherent, comparable insights — such as which leads and opportunities are at risk, and where salespeople could better spend their time — no matter where the data it's scrutinizing was originally pulled from.

More Power BI Insights apps tailored to areas such as marketing, operations, finance, and talent are scheduled to follow soon. Powered by Dynamics 's Common Data Service for Apps, PowerApps allows organizations to create their own responsive business applications with the click of a button.

Employee engagement surveys, cost estimators, budget trackers, to-do lists, booking apps; these can all be created for web and mobile without the need for coding knowledge or input from developers.

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PowerApps' drag-and-drop interface enables anyone to build and launch richly functional, professional apps without writing a single line of code. The apps can be easily integrated with Office and Dynamics to gather and utilize business data, and help engage customers. A sister-service to PowerApps, Microsoft Flow uses the same Common Data Service for Apps to help users build automated workflows that take care of repetitive administrative tasks.

There are already thousands of ready-made workflows — digital sequences that trigger predefined actions when certain activities occur — for users to take advantage of, from creating CRM leads when someone tweets a particular word or phrase, or tracking Outlook emails in an Excel spreadsheet, to sending an email to a group when a data alert is triggered in your analytics.

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These workflows can be used to connect your Microsoft services to third-party apps and programs, without the need for complex custom integrations. Fill out the form below and download a copy of the full Microsoft Dynamics Salary Survey report, including more information about the Dynamics market and salary data from thousands of professionals around the world. Need Help? Our multi-lingual, technically proficient recruiters provide a comprehensive and fully confidential consultancy service.

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Microsoft is regularly audited by the ISO to confirm its continued compliance with its rules and regulations. Job specs? We can take care of that. Upload a job. What do Dynamics AX professionals get paid? Doc or.

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