Manual Invitations to the Mathematics of Fermat

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I like the Nova documentary 'The Proof'. It's fit for a public audience and does give them some ideas. I doubt you can expect much more, but I'd love to be proved wrong. Simon Singh's book, creatively titled "Fermat's Last Theorem" "Fermat's Enigma" in the US , was a very fun read for a 15 year-old me many years ago : It gives a lot of the history, as well as a rough outline of the proof at the "using-lines-of-dominoes-to-explain-proof-by-induction" level.

Fearless symmetry by Avner Ash and Robert Gross is not specifically about Fermat's theorem, but goes through some theory behind the proof. It's quite involved for being a pop science book and I applaud the authors for even trying to present topics such as quadratic reciprocity, elliptic curve theory and Frobenius groups to a broad audience. This and other papers with various degrees of difficulty can be found at Bluff your way in Fermat's Last Theorem.

Of course, it still requires some mathematical skill just to hang with the "overview" — but, as Prometheus pointed out, you can't talk about FLT without using "real math". I believe the third section of the book will go into the topics relevant to understanding Fermat's Last Theorem, according to the description on the linked page.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. Asked 5 years ago. Active 3 years, 3 months ago. Viewed 1k times. I mean, books which is not for mathematicians but for the general public.

Also, articles or any resources are good. Caicedo Fawzy Hegab Fawzy Hegab 3, 3 3 gold badges 29 29 silver badges 79 79 bronze badges. I doubt any on this planet actually succeed. It would be quite the journey to attempt it. But then you end up talking nonsense: The proof involves showing that doughnut shapes are in some sense the same as highly symmetric functions. Zavosh Zavosh 5, 14 14 silver badges 24 24 bronze badges.

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Even just getting to where we were around would present the student with a huge range of topics and techniques. Explaining Godel's theorem is like talking about the basic postulates of special relativity: their consequences may be hard to accept, but the presentation is more-or less self-contained.

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Oliva and Hilbert met each other in two separate ways that is inconsistent with the plot and each other. According to Oliva, they met while playing chess online when Oliva gets beaten which had not happened before and therefore she wanted to meet the person who beat her. In the movie, Oliva does not object to this story, she does not even react to it.

Maybe she did not want to confront a homicidal maniac, we do not know.

Galois lies to win Oliva back but Oliva and Hilbert actually meets after Galois lies. Why did they got separated in the first place then?


May tables of integrals fall onto all of you. Anywho, although finding the solution to the conjecture in the meantime, instead of publishing it, he decides to murder Galois, Fermat and Oliva because he assumes that it is not the publishing first that counts, it is the statement that claims to be solving counts.

His plan is something like this: 1. Buy four industry grade hydraulic presses and install them to each wall of a room in a way that when activated the room gets smaller and smaller and ultimately crushes everything inside. Send everyone an invitation consisting a puzzle of arbitrary difficulty if everyone cannot solve the puzzle or actually take it seriously the plan collapses 3. Give everyone nick names, and write everyone under the name Fermat. But give Fermat name to another invitee.

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When met if anyone asks Fermat about his invitation, the plan collapses 4. And do this during your two minute phone call with him. After locking the remaining invitees in the room, send puzzles to a PDA inside the room, giving time to solve the puzzle, and if the time given ends, shrink the room until they supply the right answer. But they throw the solution to a lake making sure that neither Hilbert, nor one of them uses it to get famous. We do not actually know what happens to Fermat, but he probably used his safety belt sooner or later.

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Maybe while taking her daughter home, after she gets out of coma, who knows? Due to esoteric meetings, life expectancy of a regular mathematician is just a mere 35 years. I for one get angry at these, every time due to the information they knowingly hide or distort. The solutions here may at least be a guide for your future clickbaits. Question 1.