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Trotz der umfangreichen paromiologischen Literatur wardieser Fundus bis noch vor wenigen Jahren der internationalen Leserschaft vorenthalten. Mit diesem Band wird zum ersten Mal die im armenischen Sprichwort An introductory, yet complete first-year course for adults in the English-speaking world.

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It is a handbook for both the prospective teacher and the student of Eastern Armenian. Edited by Dora Sakayan.

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The book incorporates the recent achievements of applied linguistics into the instruction of Eastern The book incorporates the recent Christine Tessier. Ewelina Makarean. Haroutiun Palandjian.

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Any student of Armenian in the Diaspora will inevitably come across Eastern Armenian and it is well worth indicating that there are no insuperable barriers between the two. Indeed, the time is coming, if it is not already here, to abolish the distinctions between Eastern and Western Armenian.

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We already have a tradition of writers who have with facility put to use the virtues of both branches of Armenian - Avetis Aharonian, Leo, Gostan Zarian immediately come to mind. In this regard it should be noted that while there is a very good selection of readings from Varouzhan, Tekeyan, Medzarentz and others in Western Armenian, there are none in Eastern Armenian, while in one case a reading from an Eastern Armenian author, Nar-Toss, has been unnecessarily rendered into the Western variant.

Let us hope this will not be repeated in any new edition of this valuable book. In any event, a student will have relatively easy access to Eastern Armenian texts.

Each unit opens with dialogues, a short exchange of utterances used in a given situation, to promote oral skills for recurring life-settings, enabling students to interact in Armenian by carrying out fundamental speech acts. In the first half of the book, all newly introduced Armenian words and texts are accompanied by a Latin-based transliteration to facilitate both the spelling and the pronunciation of Western Armenian words. This transliteration system takes into account not only graphic correspondences, but also phonetic subtleties of Armenian. Although grammar morphology and syntax is treated as an important aspect in mastering the language, other linguistic areas also receive attention.

Grammar in this book is not a goal in itself, but a means of achieving "communicative competence. A special section on Armenian-English contrasts analyses particular structural differences between the two languages. Each unit contains a special section, pronunciation, focusing on particular sounds, word accent, syllabification, etc.

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To acquaint students with Armenian folklore, each unit includes a few Armenian proverbs with their English translation. These proverbs are thematically and structurally related to the main topic of each unit. Cross references throughout the book and an index at the end of the appendix bring related linguistic materials together. Writing is practiced throughout the first four units in which the 38 letters of the Armenian alphabet are introduced.

Letters are presented as calligraphic samples along with their printed and transliterated counterparts. Each unit concludes with exercises which aim for the development of communicative competence.