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New York, Farrar Straus, Editor, A Barthes Reader. Traditionally readers have approached works of fiction as verbal structures which reveal and generally make statements about a preexisting "real" subject. The writer may represent his subject directly, "imitating" in accordance with conventional understandings about the probable behavior of the human and the natural order; or he may render his subject indirectly by presenting a metaphor which stands for and usually implies a generalization about the same reality.

Thus traditional criticism was designed to judge the verisimilitude of fiction and to provide a way of understanding metaphor, allegory, and parable as symbolic statements. It is impossible, however, to discuss the fiction of Susan Sontag in critical terms derived from this essentially naturalistic tradition, just as Sontag herself has attempted to construct a new critical approach to do justice to those works of avant-garde artists whose rendering of the modern world she finds significant.

The tough, polemical essays collected in Against Interpretation and Styles of Radical Will are more impressive than Sontag's fiction thus far, which too often seems contrived to illustrate a doctrine. For Sontag, the final "most liberating value of art" is "transparency," which means experiencing "the luminousness of the thing in itself, of things being what they are. The function of the subject or material may be as much its opacity, its multiplicity, as the ease with which it yields itself to being incarnated by a determinate plot or action. While vestiges of naturalistic situations remain in Sontag's fiction her story "The Will and the Way," for example, seems to be an allegory concerning the image of women in modern life , "interpretation" is by definition more or less irrelevant.

The Benefactor is in its general outline a dream novel; its "thematic resource" is the problem of attaining selfhood and genuine freedom. Just as Sontag sees Montaigne's essays as "dispassionate, varied explorations of the innumerable ways of being a self," the hero of The Benefactor uses his dreams as a means of achieving freedom. That reconciliation is what I take to be freedom. Death Kit has as its concern the failure of a man who has no true self. Not really the same. Some people are their lives.

Others, like Diddy, merely inhabit their lives. Wholly successful or not, The Benefactor and Death Kit are haunting works, effective to the degree to which the reader can accept Sontag's powerful arguments elsewhere about the exhaustion of the naturalistic tradition. As the American critic E. Hirsch puts it, "Knowledge of ambiguity is not necessarily ambiguous knowledge. Novels The Benefactor. Death Kit. The Volcano Lover. In America.

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The Melancholy Muse: Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Early

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Sontag, Susan (1933–2004)

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