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In the last five years dozens of German writers -- mostly and somethings living in and writing about the postwall Berlin -- have sprung up like poppies. Most were first received with something approaching euphoria, praised by critics for the fresh power of their personal journeys in the newly reunified Germany. Hermann said. Can't they write about anything else?

World War II and the Holocaust are no longer the dominant themes in these existential tales by the young writers. Instead, they are writing about the role of the artist after the fall of the wall, the life of the immigrant and, obsessively it seems, about the elusive nature of happiness.

Some wonder if fiction should not have a longer memory. Sebald and Bernard Schlink -- all deeply influenced by the Holocaust, Germany's societal wounds and the specter of war -- end with their generation? I say they are approaching a new existentialism -- experiential, subjective and reflective. This new wave of writers includes authors from both East and West and several strong women's voices. Ingo Schulze, whose stories are diverse, brutal and lovely, is an elder hovering slightly beyond the bursting pop movement and is already known in the West. And then there is Ms.

Hermann herself, seen as emblematic of this generation, despite mixed reviews for her second book. Germans are still skeptical about their own postwar literature, writers say, yet they have found that members of the current generation have an entertaining, humorous style. But there has been a critical backlash against their preoccupations.

The recent Ingeborg Bachmann competition, one of the most significant events for modern German literature, was a disappointment this year, critics said. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung said the writing suffered from a ''tiring monotonous focus on one's own condition. Young German readers are themselves restless, pursuing some new identity that some say is happiness; polls show that ''being happy'' is one of the most important goals of young Germans.

Some of Ms.

German Literature in the Age of Globalisation: Stuart Taberner: Continuum

Wolfgang and Friedeward become close friends and a sexual relationship soon develops between them. Homosexuality is illegal and punishable with imprisonment, so their relationship has to be kept secret. The two young men are reunited, however, when they both study in Leipzig. They befriend Herlinde and Jacqueline, a lesbian couple, and Friedeward and Jacqueline get engaged in an attempt to conceal their real relationships.

Wolfgang moves to West Berlin, leaving Friedeward heartbroken but intent on making a success of his professional life as a literature lecturer. After the Wall goes up, Friedeward only just manages to hold on to his job and is left with little hope of promotion. Invited to lecture in Vienna, he is only permitted to leave the GDR if he writes a report for the Stasi, who indicate that they hold information of interest about his private lifeā€¦ Blackmailed, Friedeward agrees, but manages to deliver a report that incriminates no-one. Kurth-Voigt Camden House. Crosscurrents Camden House.

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