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Lol, not worth it playersunited. Adding thingz that shoulda always been around. And after stringing players along for months without any information?

The Walking Dead Weekly (2011)

Please considering releasing some viable characters, if there will not be exclusive at least share a Gen 2 characters like donny or Diego. ForumAdmin July 23, , am 1. Greetings Survivors! Survivors Club Starting this week, Comic Books will be redeemable in the museum for rotating prizes including: Characters Max Mods …and more! New Weekly Event Missions Last week we launched Weekly Missions aimed at players level 20 and above: kill walkers, level up characters and complete various other tasks in-game for trainers, energy refills and other rewards!

The Walking Dead Comic Series: A Collector's Guide

The new exclusive SC toon. ForumAdmin pinned globally July 23, , am 2. Spending money is not loyal. It is spending money. DddyMac13 July 23, , am 4.

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Jacky July 23, , am 6. Wanderer July 23, , am 7. Not good enough. We want an experience that provides continued value. Not just momentary. TickTock PlayersUnited. Josh and Emily dig into all of those topics and more, along with reading listener feedback. Make sure to send your questions and comments in on Twitter for the next recap. The Cut. He has four children to choose from, all of whom are problematic for their own litany of reasons: Kendall Jeremy Strong , Logan's drug-addicted "number one boy"; Roman Rory Culkin , a jester in a power suit; Shiv Sarah Snook , a political animal who is on the fringes of the family business; and Connor Alan Ruck , the eldest sibling with no apparent appetite for the job.

The mystical and mysterious R Filly Wharfrat joins them in the role of dungeon master, presiding over Josh and Mike's myriad misadventures and playing the roles of various non-playable characters in this full-on fan-fiction flurry of events from LOST. In "Autopilot," we open on an eye, because of course we open on an eye? The eye belongs to Billy Wallace Wigler , a one-eyed man with an axe to grind against anyone and everyone who doesn't recognize his greatness.

Among those people: Rodney "Roundhouse" Cesteau Bloom , the hot-not-cute model type who comes to the supernatural beach with a surprising amount and source of island experience. Despite the shared trauma and miracle of surviving the Oceanic crash together, Billy and Rodney don't exactly see eye to eye right away, on a few levels. But further experiences will bond their journeys together, as they come to learn they have more in common than they realize? The events of "Autopilot" chronicle the first four hours of LOST, from the initial crash in the two-part "Pilot" through the memorial service of "Walkabout.

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All of these characters collide in a fully ridiculous installment of Post Show Recaps Theater, which? If it's not your cup of tea, move right along to the next recap episode! If you're a fan, however, Josh, Mike and Rich will resume Tales from the Island at an unknown point in the future. As always, send feedback to downthehatch postshowrecaps. Bonus podcasts and content will manifest along the way, Smoke Monster style. In their conversation, Josh and Mike break down Locke's coming out party, as the knife-wielding box man breaks free from his shell and hits the ground running in more ways than one.

There are many who cite "Walkabout" as one of the very finest episodes of LOST, if not the number one contender on the board. Where do Josh and Mike land on the issue? They do a deep dive into what makes both the episode and Locke as a man so special, introduce a new segment to the podcast, and once again inevitably spin the Frozen Donkey Wheel as they far exceed the minute time limit? Don't ever tell us how long we can podcast about LOST, ever! A refresher on the plot of "Walkabout" It's a full-on invasion of pigs at the crash site of Oceanic , requiring the survivors to burn the bodies of the dead in order to keep the island's local predators away.

The pigs arrive at an opportune time, just as the survivors start running out of food. Enter: John Locke Terry O'Quinn and his briefcase loaded with knives, as he posits a plan to trap the piglets and kill them for sustenance. Locke's trek through the jungle goes awry when he and the others cross paths with the dreaded Monster?

In a flashback, we learn even more about the miracles surrounding John Locke?

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How this is possible, or what it means for Locke's future, is as unknown as the monster that lurks in the jungle? Consequences may and almost certainly will ensue. Josh Wigler roundhoward and Emily Fox emelette invite a new guest into their safe room to discuss the events of Succession season two, episode four, "Safe Room. In this week's podcast, Josh, Emily and Cousin Ben weigh in on the recent pandemonium at Waystar Royco, the myriad misadventures of various different characters, and much more.

They read listener feedback, float out their own theories, and generally just have a very good time.

Five stars, four Bens for sure. In "Safe Room," Waystar Royco goes on lockdown during a potential active shooter situation.

Her husband Tom Matthew Macfadyen suffers through some feelings of inadequacy of his own, as Cousin Greg Nicholas Braun announces his desires to move onto bigger and better things? Josh and Emily will return with their recap of Succession season two, episode five.

Logan Roy Brian Cox is the patriarch who built the empire, brick by brick, but in his aging and ailing state, it's time for him to consider the line of succession. Josh Wigler roundhoward and Kevin Mahadeo KevMahadeo are back together again to weigh in on the past few weeks of news from Marvel Studios and beyond? For the first portion of the podcast, Josh and Kevin dive "into the Spider-divorce," as Kevin coins it. Disney and Sony's agreement to fold Peter Parker into the Marvel Cinematic Universe has sadly run aground, with Tom Holland's Spidey no longer set to web-sling alongside the likes of Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel and the other heroes set to debut in the wake of Avengers: Endgame.

Holland is contracted to continue on in the role, but only for Sony. Josh and Kevin weigh in with their takes about the news, how it will likely impact the MCU moving forward if it will impact it at all , and more. At least, that's the official story? Josh and Kevin break down these characters and what their arrivals may mean for the MCU moving forward, and Kevin offers a She-Hulk casting proposition so good that it absolutely has to happen please and thank you. Send feedback for what else you hope to hear from them, and if you're a Kevin fan, make sure to support his comic book work by backing the Kickstarter for Life Finds a Way.

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Josh Wigler roundhoward and Emily Fox emelette enter their top-secret safe room to deliver their takes on Succession season two, episode four, titled If you were not yet aware of the episode's early release, now you are! There is no feedback in this week's podcast, due to the unique timing, but there will be a special feedback episode coming next to your Succession podcast feeds.

In their conversation, Josh and Mike assess the curious case of Kate Austen Evangeline Lilly , the character at the heart of the series' first ever full-tilt flashback installment. Will that lead hold following her first flashback episode, or will someone come and steal her thunder?

And how will Josh and Mike fare with the minute time limit now that they are finally eligible for an electromagnetic crisis? Listen to the podcast for the answer? A refresher on the plot of "Tabula Rasa"